REBOTEC is a powder additive for waterproofing concrete and mortars. REBOTEC reacts with cement during the hydration process, giving rise to mineral substances that block the capillary network, providing a high degree of impermeability to concrete or mortar.

Coating with REBOTEC has great durability. Its action does not decrease over time, that is, its effect is permanent.

Yes, because it is free of chlorides, which allows its use in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete.

REBOTEC, besides being a definitive solution in waterproofing, its cost compared to other products on the market makes it almost 50% cheaper. Besides, its application is simple and easy. It can be applied by a person without any technical knowledge.

REBOTEC can be mixed with cement, mortar, grout and finishes such as textures and graphic plaster, among others.

It is not advisable to mix REBOTEC with paint, sealer, plaster for stucco or similar products, as it can change the texture and color of the paint used. Rebotec is an additive that reacts with cement, if there is no cement there will be no reaction.

The mixture must be made by mechanical friction, preferably by means of a concrete mixer or mechanical beater (e.g. mortar beater adapted for drills) until a homogeneous mixture is left.

No. Because its formulation is made from mineral products.

Take into account the normal curing of the added materials. E.g. total curing for cement is from 20 to 30 days, mortar is from 15 to 25 days.

Any formulation of cement can be used with REBOTEC.

Any formulation of cement can be used with REBOTEC.

No. Since REBOTEC is a mineral product, it may lose its effectiveness when coming into contact with another aggressive mineral product.

Yes, because REBOTEC follows the NBR 13749 (ABNT, 1996) standard which prescribes that the mortar coating must have a uniform texture, without imperfections, such as: cavities, cracks, stains and blooms, and acceptance or rejection should be provided in the design specifications, according to tolerance levels allowed.

No, because it is only a waterproofing additive, has no effect on MPA or KGF of concrete or mortar.

No. Because your PH after curing is neutral, not altering the PH of the water.

Store the product in a covered, cool, dry, ventilated place that is out of reach of children, animals and away from any heat source.